Meet your Boudoir Photographer
GROW through what you GO through!

Ok, what the hell - here goes ---- so your bio or about you page is supposed to be super creative and sell your client on who you are and why they should work with you, why you are the best at your craft, why they should invest their money in your captured moments, and how you are going to make them look and feel incredible….and YES I do believe in all of those important aspects of owning my own photography business - but I think this page should be 110% LEGIT - like Too Legit To Quit - see what I did there?!?!?

I might have just aged myself, so before you try to guess by looking at my branding photos - I am 40 - YES - you heard me correctly - the big 4-0 - spelled with a capital FORTY!

I have two amazing children and one Sexy A$% husband who I adore (we met at GNC in the mall) - you’ll have to catch me LIVE on Instagram one day to ask me how that went down - but I digress - we have moved over 13 times in 12 years (and yes we moved twice in one year) we currently reside right outside of Charlotte, NC and are LOVIN’ it!

We have done it all from starting businesses, to failing, to filing bankruptcy, to losing our house and cars (all pre-babies thankfully) Young, Dumb and Reckless.

I believe that you GROW through what you GO through. And man have I GROWN. With every struggle, hardship, obstacle and stumbling block - I have grown. With every pound gain, lost, - with every stretch mark, web of cellulite and every wrinkle I have grown. With every hair loss and grey hair gained - I have Grown. I have grown to appreciate who I am, and what I am capable of.

Women are remarkable creatures - both soft and hard, feminine and masculine, sexy and moody, mysterious and open. And to their very core - compassionate. I became a boudoir photographer to empower women to embrace what they have GONE through and how they have overcome it or may still be overcoming - the beauty is not found at the end but in the moment - EMBRACE IT. You may think that your BOUDOIR session is something you do for someone else - IN Fact → It’s ALWAYS something you do for YOURSELF.