Boho Chic

My Studio is set up with a super eclectic boho chic decor. It’s full of rich textures, beautiful greenery and pops of colors. I have several amazing wall tapestries, as well as a gold canopy bed with beautiful sheers that add an elegant touch and depth to each photo. My client’s adore my teal velvet couch and the egg chair with rich gold cushions. The most popular photos are booty shots against the floral wall tapestry, fully arched back pictures on the teal velvet couch, all of the fun angles using the egg chair and full length mirror and of course the “in the sheets” series of photos on the white quilted comforter and silver and champagne satin sheets. My client’s love the "feel good vibes” of my fully decorated studio and I’ve noticed that it really causes their creativity to shine through when they are picking out their special outfits and creating their unique looks.