Where will my shoot take place?

I love all of the richness of warm, saturated tones and have the specifically designed my in-home studio with a Boho chic style - to include combined organic, colorful detailed pieces with simple modern decor.

What do I need to do to book my session?

To book your shoot, simply contact me via form here, by phone 704-998-9690 or email When you contact me, I’ll coordinate a date with you, send you a booking proposal and collect at 50% deposit for you shoot. Once you sign your proposal, you’re locked in!

Who will my photographer be?

ME, MYSELF and I!!!!! And I can’t wait. I believe that I’m my best self when I am authentic and listing to my inner creative diva. I believe that bold is beautiful. Don’t try to mask your inner bad as to conform to someone else’s view of who you should be. I can guarantee that you will have an amazing day and love your images!

Do I need to bring my own outfits?

Yes! I recommend bringing in a bra and panty set in black and any other pieces of lingerie that you adore along with thigh high stockings, and heels. As well as your favorite t-shirt, sweatshirt and any other pieces that you or your significant other LOVE. I also have a very extensive Client Closet that all of my clients have access to during their session. It includes everything from bodysuits, to bra and panty sets, to robes, necklaces and wings - ranging from XS-2XL.

Can I purchase more images than the ones in my collection?

Absolutely! After your shoot, you’ll be treated to a personal photo viewing session to review your images. At that time, you’ll be guided through our product offerings to select what you would like to purchase.

Can a friend come with me?

I certainly understand the desire to bring a friend along for moral support and you can definitely have someone join you while you are prepping for your shoot. Once you go into your session however, your guest will have to wait in the sitting room.

Do you post images online?

I never post anything without your permission and a signed model release. I know boudoir produces intimate images and I would never put up anything without your consent. All the images you see online are images that my clients have graciously allowed me to share.

What is the turn around time for images and albums?

Your products will be available 7-14 business days after your shoot. I’ll reach out to you via email when you can come pick up your gorgeous images and/or album.

Do you do nude sessions?

I do implied nudes. I keep them very tasteful, classic and SUPER sexy!

What is your cancellation policy?

In order to not forfeit your deposit, I require a 5-day notice if you can’t make your appointment. If you let me know 5 days prior to your session your retainer is good for an alternate date. If you cancel your shoot less than 5 days before your shoot there will be a $75 rescheduling fee due to rebook.

I’m nervous and scared and have no idea how to be sexy! what do I do?

I know nerves can be a concern for a shoot like this, and most of my clients do come in a bit nervous. I want you to take a big breath and relax because you are in EXCELLENT hands. It is not your job to take a good picture, it's MINE. I am going to coach you, guide you, and pose you the entire day. Together we will create beautiful, emotive and evocative images that will take your breath away.

What times do you typically book shoots?

I shoot mostly using natural light so the timing of shoots largely depends on the time of year and available sunlight. My first session of the day can begin as early as 9:00am. If you have added hair and makeup services onto your session you will arrive 1 hour prior to your shoot time. I shoot throughout the entire day and my last shoot of the day typically begins at 4pm.

Do you shoot girls with curves?

Absolutely! Boudoir Photography is for everyone. I specialize in posing women of all shapes and sizes.

Will you airbrush/photoshop my photos?

After your shoot, your images are processed and some minor soft edits are made to them in preparation for your photo viewing session. Once you select your final images for the products you are purchasing, I will perform final edits before printing your images. If there are specific edits that you would like, there may be an additional cost depending on the type of edit.

Is it ok to tan before my shoot?

Please do NOT tan before your shoot. Tanning always shows up VERY orange in the images, can cause tan lines, orange palms, orange heels and other odd markings on the body. It can also rub off on clothing and furniture. If you do come in after recently tanning, I cannot be responsible for tan lines in images which may result in additional editing needed. Additional charges for editing lines may be required.

Does hair and makeup come in my session?

YES it does!!!! I am your hair and makeup artist! Cool right??? I do all of my client’s hair and makeup and I love the extra time we get to spend getting to know each other prior to your shoot. Boudoir makeup should be heavier than you would normally wear and I know exactly how much to apply for my lighting and sets. The camera wipes away about 50% of makeup you put on so it’s really important to not just wear makeup but wear it well!

How long will my shoot last?

That depends which session you select. You’ll have between 1-2 hours of shooting time with most sessions. I will let you know exactly how long to plan on being with us depending on your shoot.

How do you protect my privacy?

At LeeMarie Photographyaphy, I take your privacy very seriously. I know this is a very intimate affair. You and I will be the only people in the shooting space during your session and I will be the only person who sees your images, besides you of course. Again, I will only share your images if you give me the honor of signing a model release, and I hope you do! I am 100% committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment from the moment you inquiry about a shoot with LeeMarie Photographyaphy, to the day of your shoot and even after I deliver your stunning images.