Everyday to Slay

I have always LOVED makeup - from watching my mom get ready for work as a little girl in and sitting on the side of the bathtub examining her every swipe of blush and flick of the mascara wand. I have always been mesmerized by the transformation. The love of the transformation served me well when I competed in pageants for 6 years and then again when I lived in Northern Virginia and created my Lasting Looks By Lisa hair and makeup services for brides. When I transitioned into doing Boudoir Photography - I knew I wanted to provide this service for my client’s and wanted it to be apart of their boudoir experience.

I adore spending the first hour providing my hair and makeup services on my client’s, chatting over mimosas and m&m’s, learning more about them and their motivation behind their shoot, going over their wardrobe and all of the details for their shoot. Being able to pamper my client’s and creating the perfect glam look is just the beginning of the LeeMarie Boudoir Experience, but could possibly be considered the icing on the cake.

"Every swipe of blush and flick of the mascara wand"